Virtual San wa miteiru is the best anime ever and here’s why

“As a reviewer.”

If you haven’t heard about it then you should just go and watch some episodes of Virtual-san wa Miteiru.

My liking of this show has nothing to do with what brought it to existence which is something some people have been explaining the show being the way it is because of it.

The rapid body movements can really get on your nerves but if you forget about them, which you eventually learn to just not pay attention to, the rest of the show really starts to grow on you.

This series is a lot of fun to watch because it’s composed of various segments that have continuity between them and you can see a story develop in each one. The characters are not boring since they speak and deliver their parts of what can be considered jokes quite fast. The designs grow on you and the personality of each one of the characters is something that you also start getting attached to.

I do have a qualm about calling this an “Anime” although “of course” should be the answer since fully 3D animated anime have been done before.

Now, I don’t think anyone should take me saying that this is the best animated series ever so seriously since I do have my personal reasons to say what I did.

Wow Virtual Grandmother. How I understand that sentence…

Because of a serious problem I had in 2017 and 2018, I have problems sitting through even one normal episode with 20 minutes of anything (I don’t have ADHD) so something with so much movement and fast pacing like this helps me keep my attention focused on the screen which is something that I enjoy.

The other thing I like about it is its imperfection. I have been struggling with perfectionism for a very long time and it was one of the reasons I even went through some very bad things in my life. To see a show that puts little seriousness or maybe effort onto itself (which I think is not true) and still come out as something that I enjoy so much is inspiring. In a world where competition for everyone’s attention is at a genius level it feels good to come across something that appears to be a bit lower level and that is still something people can enjoy.

I would recommend and will be watching this series in the future with other people I know to see if my tastes have a reason for being or not.  After asking one for now, it appears I’m not the only one who enjoys the show. Even both of us enjoy it only on smaller dosages at a time.

Objectively speaking I can’t remember a single OST from the show, the graphics are pretty ok (once you get used to them), the plot and the pacing of said plot know what they want to be and do it well, the ending is nice but the voice acting could be better. The rapid movements really bring the show down and sadly they really unfocus us from what’s actually going on in the anime, not to mention some segments can be really cringy at times. Not many but some.

If I had to give it a grade based on those factors the grade would be lower but based on how much enjoyment I take from the show I’d give it a grade of:

8 Very Good

I know some people might disagree but that’s why we still have free speech. Plus I don’t think I’ve offended more than some people’s tastes out there anyway.

Until then, stay well and have a good anime diet! 🙂
This show is like a fresh salad, and you need your greens!


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