Yu Junghyeok, Self-Confidence and Happiness

Today I saw something that I was happy about. It was chapter 103 from Omniscient Readers Viewpoint and it touched on important issues, like the importance of listening to oneself, constrains and purpose in what moves us.

Yu Junhyeok is a character that lives and dies multiple times reliving the same time multiple times as well. This is a topic that interests me a lot but in this story this is grazed over more so than in the Groundhog day, for example. In this story, the “main character” with this ability, Yu Junhyeok, is actually the side character with Kim Dokja, the reader, being the main character.

from Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

In this story Yu Junhyeok has to make decisions on things that haven’t happened yet. Killing and saving people based on what he saw happen in a past round even if in the present these people have done nothing wrong yet.

In a way he reminds me of how depressed, overly anxious people or others struggling with mental health live their lives, being careful that something in their present will be a threat based on bad experiences in their past and before anything bad even happens.

His world view is then a very different one from the people around him except for maybe Yuseong and Kim Dokja, the Catastrophe of Floods, which like him has to come back to a destroyed world many times.

This is something that I find is similar between him and someone struggling with depression, in that, others do not seem to understand the way those with mental health issues see their situations or idea of self.

In this episode Yu Junheok explains that he is aware that, for others, what he decides can be seen as cruel or wrong, but that he has knowledge and experiences that he went through that make him act the way that he does and that he listens to himself above others. He accepts that he is imperfect and his actions can be wrong but that he will still keep doing what he does because it is the only way he can get to keep going.

Yuseong is angry at him because she also suffers from a similar problem and finds that he can’t seem to do the right thing in the future and his personality and choices are the reason he keeps failing. However, he tells her to live by honoring what she knows, just like he does, and if that means she resents him and wants him dead, then that is what she should do.

I found this a very powerful message about honoring ourselves and our view of the world, even when others don’t understand it. His objective is to save the world but if he kept being flaky about certain decisions, more people would be in pain or die when he could have prevented it. He shows how each one of us has an important role in the world because we each have such a different array of experiences that can make the world better even if others don’t fully understand us. We have information and experience others don’t and wants that are different from others due to these experiences

Yu Junheok in this round still tries to do the best that he can with what he knows and shaping the world around him with what he carries over with him from the past.

Honoring our way of thinking is important so we should be more Self-Confident and self-assured having more assertiveness and be less scared that we could be mistaken. Yu Junhyeok failed many many times and always having to make hard decisions and learning from them. We could learn a lesson or two from what we see at certain points in the manga like this one.

To finish up today I’d like to share this.

I saw today a quote I liked in this video from Clark Kegley, a youtuber that I think made some very good and useful videos on self-help and books he read and I’d like to share the quote he mentions at 5:45

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived well.


It’s a little bit off, but I did like it and wanted to share it just in case someone thought it was interesting too.

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