I’m tired and I don’t want to post

This is for those of you who try to post everyday, or a lot.

Today I saw Bono Bono and Grimms Notes and had a post all ready to go when I realized… I don’t want to make this post lol. At all, actually. So I just stopped. The review of these two episodes was quite good. One is for children and the other is for a normal audience of anime around its teens or a bit older.

What I wanted to talk about, however, was about me creating a throwaway post just because I wanted to. Writing every day can be a challenge and I’m going through it right now.

So how do I deal with it? Well, quite easily!

I just create posts about why creating posts is so difficult while trying to come up with solutions myself! (And this kids, is why you should be careful about self-proclaimed informed opinions on the internet)

I was always a big fan of  Self-Help books so I decided that maybe this was it. This was the topic I wanted to talk about today.

Solution number one

1. Just Post something


I know I know. It seems obvious but when you have people actually waiting for a post from you things start heating up. Maybe you already have 4 subscribers and they will be notified when you create a new post. That’s a big responsibility! After all, you don’t want to be bothering people on their reader in WordPress or email. That would just be mean. And you’re an amazing blogger that wants to make it out in the world.

So what better than to create a separate blog or social media where you can vent your frustration in. Actually, if you have to blog everyday like me. Why not on your blog itself? It might seem like now is the time to make those big decisions again.

2. What do you want?

Image result for anime want

The more I blog the more I wonder what I’m doing with my life haha. I set out to create a blog post everyday but everyday it starts becoming harder and harder to come up with new material. The series I watch start being dropped one by one and somedays… You just don’t want to review something (for example). So you start questioning oh no… These people subscribed to me because they wanted to see something specific I put out. But that material is so hard to create and I’m planning to write every day. What do I do?

And that’s when the looming fear that you might fail a streak of days starts to grow in you.

Should you give it a try? Stopping for a while until you come up with an idea you want to work with? No! That’s for pussies. You write on! You come up with something genius and write about that, whether you think it will be a win or a fail. The fear of clicking that publishing button will eventually fade and you will become an all-powerful blogger!

Above all, the more you post the less scared you are of looking like an idiot. Because… Well… You’ll have many more chances to look like that from now on. And you know what they say! Practice makes perfect.

3. What do they want?

People are doing their own thing in their life when they come upon your blog. Maybe you are putting way too much pressure on yourself to entertain a bunch of people that don’t even have a problem leaving at the drop of a hat. If after you have achieved your goal of publishing every day (for a month, year, etc) you still don’t see the type of connection with others you are looking for then you should start questioning what you want to do.

I’d say one month of trying to upload every day might be good to start getting to know how your blog platform works, how you work, how the audience works, which posts you like to create the most, what you would want to do. Practice, again, makes perfect. And if you’re starting out then getting a lot of it very fast might be a good idea especially if you are not used to doing much of anything in a very consistent way.

After “Doing what you want” the next step is to find out how you can connect that with “What the audience wants”.

Quantity over Quality

Image result for i want pizza

Ah… To have fast food coming out everyday, or a gourmet dish of information very well selected and worked on. That is the question. Imagine a big test is coming up and you’re living at home alone. You don’t have time to think about your health since your future career might be at stake and your priority is to have as much fun (so you can keep the motivation to work) and gather up as much information for your test as fast as you can.

The pizza (fast-created posts) help you gain more experience a lot faster, but it’s unhealthy. It makes you question yourself faster, it makes you feel more insecure and makes you wonder if what you are writing has any value. In short… You might start getting some headaches and feeling pretty bad some days very fast as well.

Some people work better with pizza while others work much better with overly complicated dishes. You can have both with since you can write every day and still prepare some better dishes from time to time, but in the beginning, it’s great to focus on the studying. Having an unhealthy diet for some time is a choice some of us make. After a while, you will start learning and feeling more confident in your taste and what you want to do. And start choosing better ingredients when you write and later on might even feel more at easy writing more frequently which magically changes what was once a pizza onto a nice plate of whatever you want!

(Also, if someone calls your dish/post “just a pizza”. It doesn’t hurt as bad as if they called it something worse.)

From a chore to willing dish making. You will learn through trial and error who you are, what you want and do not want and how to get it much faster if you post every day.

The pizza is just a method I happened to choose because of how challenging it was, ironically. Was it the best? Not sure. But every day I learn something new and feel that one day I will cook up some amazing things much easier and more confidently than before.

That said, stay well and remember to eat healthy anime! : )

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