A new Manga store I visited! My visit to the Kingpin store

Omg. I just came from a store that made me fall in love. The quantity of manga and everything in it made me fall in love!

Image result for sakura clear manga volume 1
Look at it!!! Look at it!!! It’s so pretty…

And this one isn’t even the special edition I was talking about that I saw. I saw the second and third volume of the special editions. So pretty… (cries)

From the oldest, to the ‘bestest’ to the collections, it had it all! So good!

And I fell in love with a special edition of the sakura card captor manga. the first volume was gone (cries in a corner) but there were volumes so beautiful visually my heart sang with them. I’m a sucker for beautiful things. Ah… What a glorious day!

So exciting! ^^

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