A calm introduction to Asteroid in Love – Episode 1 Review


To be fully honest. I was expecting a nice romantic anime when I saw the young girl and the young boy talking. Sadly, it seems I was quite wrong about that. So now… I’m stuck between watching an anime about Asteroids, the sky and the Earth.

Compared to the anime I saw before “A Destructive God Sits Next to Me” the passing is a bit worse but still very good. It’s cute but not as cute as the Destructive God anime. So, in a way.

I’d recommend The Destructive God for girls and this anime Asteroid in Love for guys looking for a change of pace from all the fighting or girls who are into shoujo ai. Which, I mean. is kind of what this is lol.

So there goes the spoiler people… Since it shows up in the first episode I think it’s fine. But yeah. This is a Shoujo Ai from where I’m looking.

I have no idea what to think of this

After seeing the full episode I kind of liked how it developed. Things were calm and I started becoming interested in seeing how the club was going to organize and how they were going to show in this wonderful anime art form the many wonders of, not only the earth but of the Universe too.

I am a sucker for pretty art and both clubs got me feeling giddy about both subjects with their pretty pictures of rocks and the sky lights.

Also, the ending music is really nice and the anime reminds us to look at the stars at night.

How beautiful that is, and how nice to be reminded of something like that.

Image result for asteroid in love ep 1

Image result for asteroid in love ep 1
The constellations though

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