Mob Psycho 100 season 2 episode 9

Warning: Spoilers ahead

This episode for me started for real when the teleporting guy showed up to capture the minister. The animation was top notch then with the fight between him, the government agents and Teruki came up. With him being one of the highlights of this episode for me.

It was sweet to see Mob relax about his parents and resting a bit, which did allow us to see the fight between Teruki and one of the Magnificent 5 from Claw.


Although I guessed the dummies part wrong I was happy that I had guessed correctly before that the previous Scar members turned against the organization and are now helping Mob and the others.

Teru captured one of the members of Claw and got answers from him about the organization, the boss and it’s members.

After that, there was some infighting between members of the Claw group since an Esper from the government infiltrated their ranks.

The Claw members managed to hold their ground and I was happy to see that something along the lines of X-Men was forming.

“We want to be recognized. We want to be respected.” I feel this might be a point that Reigen might attack the future but, personally, I get it and had a small hope that big questions regarding the existence of Espers in society start being asked.

That’s it for today. Stay awesome and boy. I’m writing my phone more often from now on!

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