Anime and Manga Review – Bunny girls and The Magnificent Kotobuki

Rascal does not dream of Bunny Girl Senpai – Episode 2 & 3

Remember when I said that I should just do whatever I wanted sometimes?

Well, I’m putting my money were my mouth is by finally reviewing the first 3 episodes of Rascal does not dream of bunny-girl senpai.

To say I have an easy time just flying through these episodes is an understatement. I’m somewhat interested in seeing where the story goes although after seeing the 3rd episode and spoiling myself a bit with the ending I saw in Youtub 76e. This one. Warning: Minor Spoilers

I feel in love with the ending. So I researched it up. It’s beautiful and the music deserves to be well known.

As for the characters, they seem a bit aloof, apathetic, which was something that did not sit well with me at first. However it was after awhile that I started seeing they showed some emotions which was something I liked a bit more.

I wouldn’t say, at episode 3, that it’s the best anime I’ve ever seen but it is a very good one. It got me near tears at certain points and nothing made me happier than seeing the “Japanese atmosphere” being broken and shifted by someone who decided to go against it.

The Magnificent KOTOBUKI – First Impressions

This was an amazing anime to watch and a good one to restart doing reviews like I did before. One watch and then, one comment on it.


My first impressions came from a review other anime reviewers did. The results were positive and I though I was in for a ride.

What I wasn’t expecting was that my uninterested self in airplanes would be rewarded with an aerial show in the first episode that put me in the backseat to good sound effects, good art direction and a passion for airplanes that this show clearly had.

The scenes in the air were brutal with the SFX making me feel that I myself was in the plane feeling the force of the wind against the metal plates that kept us in the air.

The dialogue in this anime was short in the beginning being substituted with flight scenes during the rest of the show. This for me was one of the best decisions the art direction could’ve taken.

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