Thursday Anime Overview

A list of anime I was watching for the first time today to see if I liked them.

Girly Air Force episode 1


With a title like that my willingness to see anime was going pretty low but I was pleasantly surprised by how good the OST and the animation in the beginning was.

This one wasn’t the one I was referring too but even so, it’s pretty darn good. Not to mention they make every scene even the most plain dialogues very watchable.

The name’s of the enemies are quite good (I know, weird compliment) but I was not expecting that I liked the enemies as well.

The CGI wasn’t always acceptable but it was decent and some of the aerial fight scenes really had me invested in them. Take for example when the enemy planes surrounded another plane from friendly forces and shot it down in the beginning. I was actually pretty anxious each time one of the friendly forces was shot down. I think this might be reminding me of real-life situations too much… But boy was it rewarding to see one of the OP enemy ships be destroyed. They really were just hunting everyone down like nothing so it felt like a massacre.

It was so cool when the main character appeared. I was really happy. She seems interesting although I have. no. idea. Why a girl inside of an airplane was a sexual thing but it was. Not to mention it was a pretty normal, not sexualized girl at all when we saw her in the plane.

The OP was pretty forgettable since the voice of the singer was too girly for what I was seeing.

The blatant erotic themes like entering someone’s room when they’re dressing really turn me off since I wish I was seeing a different type of anime at that point.

The pacing of the story is pretty ok with me breezing through the daily life scenes pretty well. It gives us some information on the story’s world which is important.

As a personal small note, I was really happy they are from China since it’s a country I share an interest in and also, who taught the army that the best way to interrogate someone was at point blank with a gun? They sure are needing some lessons in civility.

Despite everything I’ve said I don’t know if I’ll watch more episodes of this anime since I’m so full trying to catch up to all the series coming out right now. Plus, airplanes aren’t really my niche interest so I’m left hanging a bit on how good, objectively, the episode was. Not in how much I enjoyed what it focused on.

⭐ 7 Good

The Quintessential Quintuplets episode 1


I really liked the art style used in this anime. People are dickheads in this anime and I seriously can’t stand them. And I might eventually get really angry we already know which girl should or will be with the main character. The opening didn’t reveal much but the beginning of the anime sure left us with very little options.

The OST works very well in giving the anime a light atmosphere and although it won’t turn many heads (since it’s reminding me of FFXV’s OST) it’s at least going to be pretty fun to listen to.

The main characters are so cute and funny.

But I got bored with what I was watching pretty fast… We already know who he might end up with, I knew I was in for a ride of just meeting girls I either didn’t particularly cared about or that lightly interested me, and now I was just waiting for the episode to end.

I share zero interest in this anime but sometimes it does become more bearable when Yotsuba or Ichika are around. I also liked when the introductions were over and we started seeing the interaction between the family members which actually was kind of nice. So this show might still be salvaged.

The character design of Raiha gets on my nerves but rest of the crew is pretty ok.

I will be giving this anime one more episode since I expect it to become better.

⭐ 5 Average

Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode 1

The Opening is pretty nice and the anime has a good pacing giving away new information. The people here are a lot more pleasant than in the Quintuplets anime and I appreciate that.

How she can hear anything with her headphones on is beyond me though. Isn’t she blocking out the voices of spirits with that?

The OSTs are pretty pleasant to hear and the atmosphere of the show is great for a shoujo.

I take it back about what I was going to say about the male characters. At first I didn’t like that they just appeared all at once simply so I can start having favorites. I feel I’m at a host club lol (Kawakami and the eccentric Yakumo appear to be my favorite). but I didn’t stop to write too much so I can say it’s at least a bit enjoyable.

The animation is great with the colors and design looking very sweet and round. Just like a shoujo should be. Haha. I had forgotten just how much I liked the shoujo genre so, for that, I will thank this anime.

Having in account my personal taste, I’d give this anime a “Good” rating but sadly the lack of novelty in any sort of way from this anime made me want to give it a “Fine” 6 instead of a “Good” 7.. And it appears that MAL’s community overall agrees with me.

⭐ 6 Fine


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