The Promised Neverland episode 8 Summary and Manga Comparisson

*Le me writing a random review on the internet* “I had been spoiled quite a lot about sister Krone but did not expect to see what I did today.” *continues to watch the episode*


I take it back. I take everything I said back. There’s no way out of despair now. Emma is done for. Everyone is done for. We’re all going to die. Norman’s going to die. I don’t care about this anymore. Oh please make it stop, why am I watching a horror anime again. Goddamn you Mom from the series. Goddamn you.

In this episode we finally find out what Sister Krone was so surprised to see. We see what becomes of her after we heard that faithfull goodbye and we see the kids plotting their escapes once again.
This time it appears Mom has something up her sleeve as she accompanies Ray to change the possibly dangerous chemicals and what becomes of the children when she does.

There will be spoilers in both the manga comparison and the summary so if you don’t want to be spoiled, move on.


So it’s safe to say my mental state wasn’t the best when writing this summary at first.

Ok, we start by hearing that sister Krone is going to become a Mom which is both a good and bad thing at the same time, only to find out later on that it was all a set-up and that Mom and Grandmother were in it together to screw everyone’s plan over and kill Sister Krone alongside it. Which they did.

Afterward, we see the kids fighting for a chance to live a decent life only to have their plans thwarted when Mom lays the cards on the table and Ray my boy finds out everyone’s, indeed, quite screwed now.

Mom makes sure everyone knows she’s a badass and with a single blow, after following the children to the edge of the forest, destroys any hope of a game of tag ever being a hopeful solution again.

I’m frustrated, the kids are frustrated, everyone’s frustrated and the sick minds of the Grandmother and the Mom are getting everyone in serious trouble because they are actually quite interesting.

This was my take on the current episode.
Keep watching anime and don’t watch bad episodes. I’m done. (I’m totally watching next week).

I’d like to end it like that but I did have to wonder. Which episode caused a bigger impact on me? Mob or Promised Neverland. And it hurt a bit to realize Promised Neverland takes the cake. It was a disaster. The breaking of something as important as a means of escape for one of the main kids was devastating on many levels and it implied the death of not only one, but many, many more people. It was unexpected. And it was the episode of the week. Kaguya has nothing on it and Mob Places a bit below it.

However the anime did leave somethings out.

Manga Comparison

First things first. I started reading the manga this time around and couldn’t help but be amazed at the images I saw.

You can’t easily get this type of scene in anime

The lights, the shadows, the ambiance. Everything was looking up to be quite a ride this episode indeed.

The amount of self-reflection in the manga is much, much larger. With us following Sister Krone’s line of thought up until the end and what was a millisecond hesitation from Norman and Emma were actually many pages of self-reflection from Norman. I was a bit sad this was lost in adaptation since I enjoyed reading their line of thought much more than a simple, but confusing, hesitation.


The anime follows the manga from chapter 23 to chapter 25 of the manga.

We hear the name of the “Tifari”, which appears to be a… Culinary event and that dealing with problematic children was a must-have for all Moms. But above all we see something the anime left out. That the pen she left in a drawer had the initials W.M and some text and numerals written on the inside. The text on the inside we can see read as: “B 06-32…” As for what it means, I have no idea. But W.M might be the guy that is working alongside the monsters at the farms to create small opportunities for children to escape. Whether there is a monster helping him or not is beyond me, but a possibility.


In the manga we also see a lot more of the world beyond the wall, since kids are shown a total of three times, gazing beyond it. We can barely see anything but it was a nice touch.

Another difference was that instead of Don being the one to open the door, Ray throws a chair at the door and then opens it by kicking it. Although it looks cooler, the anime makes more sense.


All in all, this was a very good episode and it’s a very good watch. So you should definitely see it when you can. Until next time!

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