Tate no Yuusha episode 8 – An actually decent episode

The first impression I got of the episode was good. Another mistake caused by one of the heroes brings about misfortune that Naofumi has to deal with in order to help other people. He goes to a village near some mountains were a plague has started to spread and Naofumi goes there to help, finding out what could have cause this.

Summary (Spoillers)



Slightly better


The beginning and the end of the episode were strong with Naofumi finally doing what I told the people in the production of the show that they should be doing, giving him some actual 3 dimensionality! Finally our Naomi realizes two things, his hate was at the root of a very important person to him getting severely hurt and he finally realized that showing a smile was not the end of the world. He smiled, I smiled and we were all relieved and happy that such a thing was to happen now. However… The middle of the episode didn’t build up tension correctly and I couldn’t get invested in why Naofumi was mad. Not at all. It eventually made sense why this was, probably, the way it was but I still thought they could’ve done a better job.

The CG was pretty ok and the enemy they fought was unexpected and pretty awesome too. It was well thought out and the type of attack it used was very much in sync with what was going on.

I wasn’t too impressed with Naofumi’s cursed series we saw last time would be coming up. I was expecting something similar to episode 8 of Mob Psycho 2 but was left hanging in that regard. Where Mob surpassed expectation, Naofumi didn’t even come close to the same level of tension building Mob Psycho did.

If you want to watch the episode for the cursed series, then don’t. It’s not worth it. But if you want to watch it for some emotional growth from our character then, please! Jump right in, cause I am recommending the episode because of that.

I still don’t like to think of Raphtalia or Filo dating anyone but if Naofumi doesn’t do anything stupid I probably won’t need to be concerned about that for a very long time. Sadly it really didn’t need to have Raphtalia so “in love” with the character. I kind of like that they have the relationship they do of savior and saved person (sorry I can’t think of a better word for it). In this episode we see Naofumi be kind to them and that was actually very sweet.

Manga Comparisson

The first thing I noticed was that, in comparisson with The Promised Neverland, finding the chapters where the anime was taking place was actually much more difficult. The chapters we are currently on are chapter 12 and

I also noticed that the character looked less old and his pouting constantly wasn’t as bothersome as in the anime. It just makes him look like a pouting kid. Also, because we get more introspection about his way of thinking he looks nicer overall.


Look at how tsundere he is about the world


In the manga there are some slight differences like the villagers from the plague stricken mountain side vilage being surprised that Naofumi is the “notorious” shield hero. And whe they fight the dragon the dragon has a personality (something they didn’t give it in the CG image they created for the anime). Not that it was missing it much, so the CGI was probably a good idea. One thing that I completely missed in the anime was that, in the manga, Naofumi used the Slave seal on Filo which was what led to her “death”. In the manga it still doesn’t look like it’s red fruit juice at all but heck, what can you do.


Other than that there was nothing more although I almost got spoiled about the next episode. I didn’t appreciate doing this manga review so much but maybe that because I was starting to get a bit tired.

For now, that’s it stay well, and keep having a healthy anime diet!

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