Today was a day of music related anime

In my quest to catch up to current seasons or just to see new aired anime, I started watching two musical animes.

Today was a day where I became acquainted with W’z and Piano no Mori.

The first one was interesting enough that it kept me listening (not really) to it for the first two episodes. I haven’t dropped it but might. As for piano no Mori I only saw very little of it yet so I can’t say much about it but I just wanted to write a little post on this today.

Sadly, none of the two excited me far too much seeing that my interest in classical music is no longer as great as it used to be and the music in W’z is good but not so good that it will have me listen to it over and over again.

Also, 3D is really taking over everything. It’s even a bit vexing since the computer generated graphics can sometimes take the charm away from any scene very fast. I mean, look at Mob. I can’t see a shred of 3D in there and I am very grateful. As for good 3D, you can look at small moments in Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai to realise that discreet is best.

If not discreet, well… We always have Virtual-san wa miteiru.

Looking good, girls

In W’z we clearly don’t have much to go on. The characters are interesting but also seem to be serving a purpose in telling a story and not living for their own sake. They don’t have a well defined personality and the plot doesn’t seem to be that captivating.

In Piano no Mori on the other hand is still very early to tell for me but it might suffer simply from being a niche I don’t wish to watch for very long. I don’t see how it will challenge itself and bring about complications for itself in order to grow. I could be wrong though, so I’ll give it some more episodes.

As for series that have stuck with me this day inside my head, Mob takes the cake. The battle scenes from season 2 and the latest episodes actually struck a cord with me and I can’t wait to rewatch some of the previous episodes from both seasons I’ve seen so far.

If I was to write everyday like this about anime I think I would like it. It’s still not perfect but I am trying to find my own rythm.

For now I still feel I want to talk about some things. I decided to put on my plan to watch list a bunch of animes that I didn’t see and that people are talking about. Alicization is one of them but I might actually not watch it. Sadly, I’ve been spoiled to hell and back with abridged series of SAO to start wondering if it’s going to be worth it. I enjoyed the abridged ones, so this might be a problem (I haven’t finished watching SAO).

And that’s it for now. I’ll see if I can go and make something from my life now. Until next time, stay nice.

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