Should you watch Virtual-san wa miteiru?

Yes you should! Will it change your life? Quite possibly if you haven’t seen anything like it before. Will you watch more than one episode?… Maybe not.

But that is besides the point since the one we are trying to make here is that this… Anime. Is something else. It’s ridiculous. The characters are and move ridiculous. And everything seems to be going through a seizure.

The jokes seen to be a bit more targeted for a Japanese audience and what do I mean by that. I felt I was watching a bunch of Japanese idols talking in a tv show. If this was the goal or not I don’t know. But the animation of the characters seems to have clearly been made from references of real people (3d rotoscoping, if that is a thing.) and they. Just. Keep. Moving. Their arms all the time. It really starts grating on some nerves.

The characters are ridiculously strange and I feel like I’m looking at something I have never seen before.

Not to mention, the ending is great. Good music and the animation is still more or less.

This is a definite must see for at least one episode and I would definitely recommend it just for a bit of fun.

Have a good day and watch good anime! See ya.

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