The Promised Neverland Episode #6 -Theories and Phil is a genius

Like the title says. Phil is a genius.

And a quick summary of what happened in the series is:

  • The risks far outweighed the cost of going into that room. But now Don and Guida know of the truth of the orphanage.
  • Emma and the rest were found out by sister Krone while talking in the hall about everything that was going on.
  • And we see Ray getting ready to be shipped in January.

I’m starting to think that Ray has set everyone up so that they will indeed live. But I think it will be at the cost of his life.

It also crossed my mind that he does indeed plan on having them die on their 12th birthday like he had asked all those years ago (quite possibly) but that wouldn’t make much sense. He planned for them to plan an escape when he hid the bunny. So he wants the two of them out of danger.

Having accepted his own mortality many times by now (quite possibly) he feels no such empathy for the rest of the children as he does for those two. For him, the others are indeed to die as he will, at the hands of the enemy.

However, if I had to have a theory about this series and where it will go. I’d say Ray, Emma and Norman do escape, together with some small children. Not all will be saved but at least a few will live.

Emma is the defacto plot armor character for me. If she was gone, Norman wouldn’t cope very well with it and would find a way to destroy every “orphanage” out there if he managed to escape. Eren from Attack on Titan style.

She is also the one that keeps bringing the mental aspect of the group in check with the request that all of them live.

If she was gone Norman might try to keep her “will” alive but in all seriousness the sense of unit she gives would be lost. Children be damned. Norman and Ray know best, per say, and would take drastically different measures if she wasn’t around to keep it all together.

Ray dying would have the least impact and since this is a psychological drama I’d say that might be why he lives. Plus, we empathise with him saying he plans on dying to save the others.

Norman dying would affect Ray the most. And the children dying would affect Emma the most.

Having in account the most traumatizing event that won’t make me want to stop watching the series…? Not sure. Children and one of either Don or Guida, dying.

Let’s remember. They will run away separated in groups.

I’m not liking the idea of losing anyone from “the trio” here. So I’m guessing one group from either Don or Guida will stay behind.

I think Guida, a relatable character, will be left behind. Bad and extremely bad especially for Emma. They bonded close together after Guida protected information from the Mom and sister Krone. A bond of friendship was formed, stronger than it might have been before. So that will either be it or Guida does something amazing during the escape that helps everyone, including her, get away.

That’s it for theories of mine for now.

Also, a shout-out to how amazing the intro is.

The music is great and well done together with the montage of the anime.

Stay well. And keep enjoying anime guys! ☺️

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