The Promised Neverland episode #5 review – Brain power, is best power

Seeing little geniuses act up has to be one of my favorite things ever.

The interaction with Ray this episode was so good I had to pause and come write over here in my blog.

What a well executed scene.

And also the feeling that everyone can control everyone is incredibly blood rushing. Ray manipulating everyone to find out the truth. And Norman keeping everything he possibly can under his foot. Together with Emma that comes up with great ideas and keeps moving the hearts in the anime with her stubborn resolve.

Yes he was.

Oooh. This character will be the death of me… Ray is so cool.

But also so unreliable. Once a lier and double-crosser in my mind, always a double-crosser. And boy the show will get a 5 if this character has just been honest about this.

I’m getting some strong Alu”card” vibes here. *baduntch*

Seriously, he looks so cool. And he his cool but so terrifying in his coolness. He really is an ace with thorns in everyone’s hands. And you can really feel it.

As for the rest of the show. Awesome.

We do get to see two less talented people being driven by their emotions and quite possibly make a fatal mistake. Spoilers, it’s Guida and Don. (I’m even surprised I remember so many names. I usually can’t remember names for the life of me.) and as for me, I feel commentating on the dept of the ideas being thrown around in this series is quite difficult.

It reminds slightly off death note, in which intelligence is the sharpest dagger you could find and are in constant need of it.

It’s you and your dagger against the wall and a potential enemy.

I’m enjoying this anime so much it’s ridiculous. So much so that I’m afraid of reaching the last aired episode.

But because of it I will try to make an honest summary of what the episode was about.

The Promised Neverland episode #4 Summary

So we start of with Ray admitting he was the traitor giving away information to Mom. He then says that he has been doing so for a very long time (6 years) and that, because of that, he has amassed a very big amount of information on the tracking devices they were trying to break and that they can be nullified.

Afterwards Norman tells Ray he only wants three things from Ray. One, continue to spend time with him and Emma and ensure their safety. Two, release all the information he has to them. And three, to join them.

Ray is surprised he would ask him to be his spy since (doing double agent stuff is not the easiest cup of tea to have).

But we now find out he was the one who had hidden little bunny and led Norman and Emma to find out the truth. He wanted them to plan the escape so they could live.

After that he tells Norman that if he wants his help he better trick Emma into believing everyone is going to escape. Even though it’s a lie.

Norman reluctantly says he agrees and we see Ray leaving.

After this Ray goes to Mom and lies to her about what actually transpired with Norman and tries to keep an upper hand.

Some Norman night terrors later. The day rises and the trio meets up to discuss things.

Ray owns up that he is the traitor and lies to Emma about how everyone will be saved. Emma doesn’t fully buy it but after hearing he had a lot of information on tracking devices she tells him that, if he sacrificed other children so he could help Norman and her escape… Well. He shouldn’t do it anymore.

Ray explained he as had a lot of problems because of Emma’s unreasonable demands and because they left the bunny behind. Emma realises he has been covering for their mistakes ask this time.

In the end of the episode we see them discussing the events with Don and Guida and about how Mom disappears after 8pm everyday. They suspect it’s a trap door that connects them in the orphanage somehow to the outside world.

This spikes the interest of Don, that wants to go immidiately search if the door is true or not.

The trio says it’s not a good idea to risk it. If it was a communication device it was more likely than not only connected with the Headquarters that supplied children. However, we later see Don go to Mom’s room, followed by Guida.

They enter, thinker about, and end up finding. Yes. The trap door. Sadly this is where the episode ends. With them hearing the door to the room creak open and all of us in the audience thinking if this was the end or not.

End of sumary.

Hope you liked it. And if you did leave a like and a comment below saying what you did like our not about the review.

Thanks and until next time! 😊

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