The Promised Neverland episode #3 review – Strong and Fast

Here is something the children have to be in order to become strong enough to run away. Fast on their minds and strong on their bodies although at first the title came to me because of how fast sister Krone was when chasing them in a game of tag.

To know that I was right about the caretakers having to take perfect scores a lot, made me happy.

I’m afraid to see what is going to go on and the show actually scared me on quite a few occasions.

Norman and Ray keep being cool together with Emma. How they managed to make that a thing is still beyond me.

I really like when they decided to train the other children through a game of tag. They truly are brilliant.

Sadly I felt this training was put to a stop by the end of the episode which left me feeling a bit down.

The show keeps getting scarier as it progresses and I’m afraid I might be stepping on a landmine here soon enough if I’m not careful.

Seeing sister Krone losing was scary for some reason. It shows defiance and an indirect attack on an adult which should be something to fear as well.

However, we do know by now that this place “produces” some of the most brilliant minds out there, so it’s not so strange that they managed to win. And that there’s a library in the show. I only realised how logical it was now after I thought how strange it was that someone wanting to keep people subjugated would give them knowledge.

All in all, I can’t wait to see the next episode and I will be getting right back to it. Until next time!

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