The Promised Neverland Episode #1 Review

So I’m not sleeping after seeing bunnies anymore.

The Promised Neverland. A new addition to the roster of anime this season and one that is looking up to be a top contender for a lot of good attention.

I’m a little late to the cake and had already heard some very not nice things about this anime. I thought the absolute worst of what was to happen to these children, but in the end they are killed.

Not any better than anything else but anime reviewers online do like to give their opinions in a way that made the show seem more terrifying than it was.


Is that a good thing?

“I’m smart enough to know this isn’t good.”

And yes, it really is nice that it was terrifying enough, but not so much I’d turn my computer off with PTSD and not watch the show anymore.

Now it’s a game of time.

Everyone’s got a bounty on their head and our main brilliant characters will have to find a way to survive this hell while faking their way through life (for as long as they can) and while trying to save everyone in the house. Because f**k you monster-people. Ya ain’t having anymore children to eat.

The premise is horrible but can make us question our own diets. We do eat small animals as much as big ones and for all we know we have no idea if something out there isn’t doing the same to people on Earth.

No. I did just tell you you can’t know for sure. Bloody things are like gods. Can’t prove they exist and can’t prove they don’t. Unlike the monsters in this anime. Which are very much real.

We have our main character Emma. A caretaker of her friends by nature. That enjoys her time with everyone at the orphanage.

Sadly, during the leave of a friend of hers to the outside, she notices she left her bunny behind.

Running together with her friend Norman, she catches up to the forbidden gate leading out from the orphanage and it’s there she finds something she wishes she hadn’t seen.

Her friend had been killed and taken out to be eaten by monsters they didn’t even know existed.

They were almost found but managed to escape before that took place.

Now we are going to see how things develop back at “home” now that they know what they do. And now that their Mother also knows someone snuck out.

It’s going to be a good anime. It has a good premise. And it has a good cliffhanger from which we, the viewers, were all dangled from.

I await to see where this anime goes. And I will see you guys there.

No starlets this time, just focusing on the show.

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